Profit Buzz : Why the Wrong Words Can Break the Bank

Profit Buzz : Why the Wrong Words Can Break the Bank

We scour the Internet every week looking for the very best content for our readers that will help them develop profitable habits--and we're not just talking about money. We try to share world wide web wisdom that will help you get profitable emotionally, mentally and personally. 

The goal? Find everything we can to help you build a profitable business that will change the world, and your sphere of influence.  As we dig, we inevitably run across video, pictures or blog posts that are life-changing. 

Each Tuesday, we give out awards to our favorites.

This week's winner is...

Andrea Gardner's Video "The Power of Words"

Gardner has written a book called "Change Your Words, Change Your World." It's amazing what happens when we re-write the script we've been reciting all these years. Sometimes it's as simple as changing your words from the obvious to the thoughtful--and you can make that change by sitting down for a few minutes. It doesn't have to take a lifetime. 


And the Runners-Up Are:

#1 - Michael Hyatt : Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog?

One of Hyatt's most popular blog posts names these 10 common mistakes that business blogs make. Though there are 10 mistakes on the list they are all really about choosing the right words and getting them out into the conversation. 


Read all of Hyatt's words here.

#2 - Amy Gallo : Fixing a Work Relationship Gone Sour

As a CEO or a manager, you've probably had difficult conversations and interactions with your employees. This is when your words and your actions can really save the day. Rather than throwing the employee out the door, it might save you time and money to use your words! Gallo's article is a great reminder of how to repair relationships in the workplace. 


Some great advice from Amy:


  • Restore trust by offering your coworker something he wants or needs
  • Talk about your relationship on neutral ground
  • Make subtle shifts in how you act toward your colleague — this is where the real change happens


  • Get stuck on who’s right and who’s wrong — focus on moving the relationship forward
  • Assume that things will change immediately ­— repairing relationships can take time
  • Forget to involve people in your network who may have heard you complain about the other person

Read the entire article here.

#3 - ProBlogger: How to Write Smart Content...When You're Feeling Dumb


Love this list from ProBlogger. We totally understand how hard it is to crank out smart and witty blog posts day after day, week after week--especially if you're a small business owner managing so many other aspects of your business. This rad article give you permission to write dumb stuff. Check it out!

  • Do Some Dumb Stuff
  • Listen To Music That Helps You Focus
  • Put on Earplugs
  • Watch a Stimulating TED Talk
  • Create a Bank of Go-to Blogs
  • Pick Topics That You Can Write On In First Person
  • Lay Out a Structure For Your Posts
  • Let Things Come to You
  • Get Moving
  • Create a Mind Map
  • Get a Perspective


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