Profit Buzz: Back to the Drawing Board

Profit Buzz: Back to the Drawing Board

We scour the Internet every week looking for the very best content for our readers that will help them develop profitable habits--and we're not just talking about money. We try to share world wide web wisdom that will help you get profitable emotionally, mentally and personally. 

The goal? Find everything we can to help you build a profitable business that will change the world, and your sphere of influence.  As we dig, we inevitably run across video, pictures or blog posts that are life-changing. 

Each Tuesday, we give out awards to our favorites.

This week's winner is...

The Good Life Project: Creative Recoil

Jonathan Fields and Clay Herbert discuss why you stop innovating once you've "made it." Once you've had some success you no longer have "nothing to lose." Now you've got power, money, influence, etc. to lose. So how do you, as an entrepreneur, keep the creative juices flowing once you've tasted success? 

"You've got to be willing to go back to that place, and that's what nobody wants to do."


And the Runners-Up Are:

#1 - The Atlantic: Email is Ruining Us

This will have you nodding your head, and wishing we could really do this. It would save a whole heck of a lot of time. We love creative solutions that make us laugh while also being practical.

#2 - Shawn Achor: Keep a Success List

We all make to-do lists, but what about keeping a list of all the things we have accomplished today? 

Our brain accelerates toward goals when we perceive progress and when we see that the finish line is close. That's why we speed up at 26.1 miles into a marathon.


#3 - Greg McKeown: Be Pro-Active, Not Reactive

McKeown urges people to reach for their notebook before they reach for their phone. 

Checking your phone fills you with that frenetic, compulsive feeling that you might be missing out.

Writing in your notebook puts you back in control of your communication; it gives you the chance to craft your reply instead of shooting it off reactively, and respond on your schedule, not someone else’s.


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