Valeria Maltoni Video Interview: Winning a Niche Audience

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In this next installment of our "How To Build A Vibrant Tribe" interview series, we sat down to talk with communications expert, Valeria Maltoni. After listening to Rand Fishkin's interview and reading our post How Much Does SEO Cost, you might feel a little bit like a robot speaking in keywords and fragmented sentences. Valeria's expert advice will help you tailor your marketing efforts to a niche audience through polishing up your communication skills. 

Not a great conversationalist or communicator? This interview might be just the thing to help you figure out how to open your ears, and know how to help the people out there who could really benefit from your product/services.

Watch this interview to find out what happened when a company decided to deliberately delete their corporate social media accounts, and what to expect when results, rather than people, become your obsession.


Learn How to Build a Vibrant Niche Audience:

  1. Watch the video interview with Valeria Maltoni.
  2. Download 2 free templates that will help you define, build and maintain your tribe.
  3. Read & Share helpful infographics talking about talking.



A strategist, linguist, and author, Valeria focuses her work on the human taxonomy. She designs service and product experiences to help businesses rediscover the value of promises and its effect on relationships and culture.

She built and curated one of the first online networks on to connect and empower the business community to collaborate across disciplines and job titles.

Valeria's blog and articles have been a constant source of useful information for us as we've grown our tribe. Some of our favorite advice is right here:


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