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The Award For Best Tip Goes To: Greg McKeown, "Why We Brag About Being Busy"


This is a great article written by Harvard Business Review Blogger, Greg McKeown, about how we have been overvaluing the notion of doint it all, having it all, and acheiving it all.

Our favorite piece of advice from Greg:

 "Essentialists are people who are designing their lives around what is essential and eliminating everything else."


Our 2 Runners-Up Are:

#1 The Fear of Losing Success: What If It All Goes Away?

Watch this video to found out how to change your worry into concrete plans.

Our favorite piece of advice from Marie:

"Get ready for one heck of a ride because you're on it whether you like it or not."




#2 Crowdfunding Growing At A Startling Rate

This Entrepreneur blog article summarizes a report that says that crowdfunding on a global basis is doubling at nearly 10 times the rate of Moore’s Law.

Our favorite:

"As someone experienced with the field, not only can I now find promising crowdfunding rising stars or rocketing campaigns far before they've become obvious to the world, but I can do so by mining the live-data (registration is required) on active campaigns on a daily or even hourly basis." 



This Week's Think-Tank Trivia:

Are you too busy? What keeps you from simplifying? 

Do you think it's better to be busy? Why?

Are you worried your success is short-lived? How can you sustain your success?

Do you use crowdsourcing? How has it helped your business?


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