Profit Buzz: Are You This Passionate?

Profit Buzz: Are You This Passionate?

We scour the Internet every week looking for the very best content for our readers that will help them develop profitable habits--and we're not just talking about money. We try to share world wide web wisdom that will help you get profitable emotionally, mentally and personally. 

The goal? Find everything we can to help you build a profitable business that will change the world, and your sphere of influence.  As we dig, we inevitably run across video, pictures or blog posts that are life-changing. 

Each Tuesday, we give out awards to our favorites.

This week's winner is...

Pat Law: Risk, Passion, and Duty

Pat Law was a rockstar at her marketing day job...and then her father developed a brain tumor. In an instant, she realized that her average salary was not enough for her to take care of her aging parents. She needed more money...lots more. So she took a risk, and started her own company. See how she did it:





And the Runners-Up Are:

#1- Judy Joo: How She Quit Wallstreet to Choose Herself


James Altucher interviews Iron Chef Judy Joo in one of his podcasts where she admits:

Here’s what I thought my options were: kill myself. Lie to a bank and take their money. Move to another country and hide. Leave my family. Or just disappear and die. I couldn’t see any other options.

I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t think I was good enough. I had unhealthy addictions. And I was depressed. I had nightmares in the rare moments I slept. So I couldn’t trust myself to take a risk.

#2- AIHUI ONG : Found a Million-Dollar Business While Backpacking

Ong was tired and bored with her tech job. So she took a backpacking hiatus where she discovered her love of different cuisines, and created the business "Love With Food"--a an online subscription company that provides healthy snacks to people all over the world. Read the full story here.



#3- James Altucher: "I Was a Bad Leader"

James Altucher confesses why he was fired as a CEO and board member, and gives an insightful list of things he failed at as a leader. Now that's vulnerability. Are you passionate enough to admit when you've made a mistake? Read about all 10 Mistakes here


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