Meet A Real Outsourced Accounting Professional: Dan Luthi

Meet A Real Outsourced Accounting Professional: Dan Luthi


Here at Ignite Spot we believe that accountants can change the world. Skeptical? You should probably meet one of our best: Dan Luthi. He'll rock your small business and whip you into profitable in no time--so you can get busy changing the world.

Why? I sat down with Dan to find out what makes him so good at what he does. Here's what makes Dan so passionate about outsourced accounting:

If you've been reading the blog, you'll know that Eddy and Dan go to the gym everyday during their lunch hour. And I mean every day. These guys are like clockwork. Accountants should be like clockwork, right? They always come back to the office pumped and ready for the rest of the day--and you know when they're back because Dan is no quiet nerd. He's passionate. About everything--especially accounting.

Let's face it. Dan can bench-press more than Eddy. I asked him what his secret is. His answer:

"I'm just phsycially bigger which gives me more leverage." 


Honestly, Dan is more than just a "big guy." He's got the brains and the heart to match. Whether it's your financial lifeblood or your mental clarity, Dan's got your back. And here's why:

Q: What's so great about accounting anyway?

Dan: It just makes sense. Accounting is a way to value the world, and to create the composure necessary for growth. It's the best way to understand business.

Q: What surprises you most about accounting?

Dan: How difficult it is to understand--it's not cut and dry like simple adding and subtracting. It gets complicated by management, and you have to try to navigate people's complexities.

Q: Favorite accounting term, rule, or concept? 

Dan: Integration. Everyone wants their accounting integrated with other software. It's tough, but I'm very interested in the idea of integration.

Q: What is something everyone should know about money?

Dan: How easy it is to lose track of where it's going.

Q: Can accountants really change the world? If so, how?

Definitely. Helping people financially is at the crux of business growth. If you can show people how to save you can help them achieve their dreams.

Q: What do you do to unwind during closing every month?

Dan: Go to the gym!

Q: What is the best part about working at Ignite Spot?

Dan: The excitement about what we're doing and what we can do, and talking to customers about how they are making the world better.


Dan In A Nutshell

The Cosby Show or Cheers? Cheers.

Louis C.K. or Jim Gaffigan? Jim Gaffigan

Sushi or BBQ? BBQ

How much can you bench press? 245 lbs.

How long have you been an accountant? 5 years

Married? Kids? Married to Heather, and we have 3 kids.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Taquitos & Diet Coke

What are you listening to today? Band of Brothers on Amazon

Who are your heroes? My grandparents. My grandpa handled life by working really hard to get the things that he wanted. At the same time he was willing to sacrifice his own wants to take care of his family. Grandma was the most loving person. She was sincere, sweet, and never talked bad about people. She was extremely accepting, and made family a key priority.




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