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A lot of people worry that switching to Ignite Spot means spending days and days getting documents together, but it's not true.  We've put together a little video to help explain the myth.  


Instead of sending us every accounting document in your office, there are four main things we're going to need to get your company setup.  Yes, there are other items we'll need, but we can get most of them for you or your setup assistant at Ignite Spot will help you.  

The 4 Main Things to Send Us

  1. The payment authorization form:  When you become a client, we'll send you a copy of our payment authorization form.  Once you fill it out and send it back, we can get the ball rolling. 
  2. Login credentials:  Create a separate login for your bank and credit card accounts. That way, if you ever disengage from us, you can simply turn our logins off. 
  3. A copy of your accounting file:  We're going to need access to your accounting software.  We work in all of them so your setup assistant at Ignite Spot will help you with this step. 
  4. A copy of last year's tax return:  Even if we're not doing your taxes, it's still very helpful if you send a copy of your taxes.  They help us make sure that the current year's beginning balances in your accounting file are correct. 

So that's it.  Like I said, there are a few other items, but most of them are specific to the industry you're in.  Don't worry about sending us boxes and boxes of documents.  Once we get login credentials, we can get most of the data for you.  Oh, and don't forget to check out the rest of our getting started videos by clicking here.


Got More Questions About Us?

If you have questions about what it's like to be a client at Ignite Spot, click the button below to check out the rest of our getting started videos to get your questions answered. 

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