Budget vs Actual Analysis

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON May 24, 2019

Just about every industry and hobby has its own hodgepodge of buzzwords and jargon. Accounting is by no means an exception to this rule. While these dastardly, long-winded terms can often be a source of consternation for those trying to get a grasp on an unfamiliar subject, they do actually exist for a purpose. In pursuit of shedding some light on the wonderful world of accounting (and hopefully scaring off a few cockroaches), we’ve put together this post for demystifying one such term: “budget vs. actual.”


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Budgeting and Forecasting: What's the Difference?

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON May 20, 2019

Businesses come in many shapes and sizes. There are small businesses that make giant mansions and big businesses that manufacture microscopic cells. The one factor that all businesses share in common is their singular reliance and focus on making a profit. After all, businesses cannot survive without money flowing through their accounts much like humans can’t live without blood flowing through their veins (zombies being the only exception).

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Do I Need a Virtual CFO? Take This Quiz to Find Out.

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Feb 13, 2019

Virtual CFODo you need a virtual CFO to help you grow your business? Maybe. Chances are, having someone of this caliber on your side will make a huge difference, but is now the time?

Let's find out.

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Fractional CFO Costs and Benefits

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Dec 3, 2018

Want to know what a good fractional CFO costs and what the benefits might be? Let's dig in and take a look.  

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CFO Tips: How to Open a Second Location

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Oct 10, 2018

When I was first getting started in accounting, I worked for a homebuilder. Our entire staff was located under one roof and the company decided to open a second location about 40 miles away.

It didn't go well.

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Virtual CFO Services 101: Costs, Benefits & Drawbacks

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Sep 6, 2018

To everything there is a season. There's a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to hire a CFO and a time to avoid one like the plague. Your business does need a CFO, but at the right time and with the right parameters. In this article, I'm going to cover what you need to know about virtual CFO services before you make the move.

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What Is A Virtual CFO And Does My Business Need One?

BY Tami Brehse IN cfo services ON Aug 23, 2018

Growing your company’s revenue is a beautiful thing. There’s no feeling quite like the one that comes with hitting a financial goal that’s long been on your horizon. But reaching new revenue levels also comes with growing pains.

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Small Business Cost Management Strategies

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Mar 13, 2018


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Ready to Make the Switch to CFO Services? Hire a Virtual Accounting Firm

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Mar 6, 2018



Ready to leverage the support of a CFO without the price-tag of a costly in-house executive? Then it's time to make the switch to CFO services so you can gain professional insight on how to grow your business when you need it, but at a fraction of the cost.


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Is it Possible to Run Your Small Business Without a CFO?

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Feb 27, 2018

Many small business owners are reluctant to hire a business advisor and we get where they’re coming from. But is it realistic to take on the role of a CFO in addition to all the other responsibilities you have as a small business owner? For some, the answer will be yes, depending on their professional backgrounds and the amount of support they have in other areas of the company.

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