Daily Workout Routines of 12 Ultra-Successful People

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Mar 02, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

We’ve spent a lot of time deconstructing successful entrepreneurs, examining their habits and working to learn how they got to where they are.

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Finding the Perfect Entrepreneur Hobby

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Mar 01, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

Entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of free time. In fact, that might be the biggest understatement of the century! Between managing your team, putting out a great product, seeing that client needs are met and taking care of your family life, there’s often not a whole lot of time left over for the stuff you do “just for fun.”

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The Best Places To Find Talent For Temporary Work

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Feb 27, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

We’ve got a million-and-one projects going on around here at Ignite Spot lately. Not only is it the height of tax season, we’re working on several cool new marketing initiatives and design projects.

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The 5 Kinds of Employees You Should Hire [Video]

BY Eddy Hood IN Profitability ON Feb 24, 2017 WITH 2Comments

When entrepreneurs hire their first employee, they usually get the wrong one. More often than not, they end up with some sort of personal assistant or secretary. Don't let this happen to you.

In today's video, we walk through the five kinds of employees you should hire in order to make your business more profitable. Once you're running a cash machine, feel free to get all the assistants you want.

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9 Awesome Resources for Continued Learning, No Matter Your Field

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Feb 23, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

-Henry Ford

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The Single Technique that Singlehandedly Banishes Anxiety

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Feb 22, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

Ticked off? Stressed? Anxious? There’s an easy technique that can make these troublesome feelings disappear, and it doesn’t come with a prescription from your doctor.

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Marketing Tricks To Steal and Use In Your Personal Emails

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Feb 20, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

From a marketing standpoint, we know every trick in the book for getting better results from our customer emails.

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How to Harness the Power of Visualization in Your Business

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Feb 16, 2017 WITH 2Comments

Whether it’s a football kicker looking to make the extra point, a comedian hoping to land a killer punch line or a salesman going in to close a deal, the world’s top performers have one tactic in common: all of them use the power of visualization to help achieve success.

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7 Wildly Successful People Who Aren’t After the Money

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Feb 15, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

Money is one of the biggest factors (if not the single biggest one) that drives people to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

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Should Your Company Take a Political Stance?

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Feb 13, 2017 WITH Be the First to Leave a Comment!

In today’s high-stakes political climate, entrepreneurs are navigating uncharted waters. From Lyft’s $1 million pledge to the ACLU to Chik-Fil-A’s stance against same-sex marriage, companies are making their voices heard on controversial issues more than ever before.

Should your business step up to the podium and take a stance?

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