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Outsourced Sales Team

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Being a small business owner requires a certain amount of delegation, which I’m sure you understand. You need to delegate your time and the time of others in order to maximize the success of your business. But what about those of us who are being pulled in all different directions, trying to manage the day to day, handle the busy season, and still increase sales? How do we, as small business owners, ensure that all of that gets taken care of effectively, efficiently, and according to our bottom lines?

Up until recently I couldn’t have answered that question for you. As I manage IgniteSpot’s daily needs and dive head first into tax season I have to always be one step ahead in terms of business and increasing clients. While tax season keeps me in paperwork up to my eyeballs, I know that next month could be quiet, and that’s the motivation for maintenance. So how do I increase sales and stay on top of the company? By finding customers in the same way that customers find us: by outsourcing.

I recently stumbled upon QuotaDeck, a sales outsourcing firm dedicated to providing quality salespeople with a manageable system at a commitment-free approach. Rather than trying to manage an entire salaried sales team within your office while still attempting to run your company, you can hire individuals on a contract basis to generate, qualify, and close on leads. This means more time spent focusing on business and less time trying to track sales goals, follow specific markets, and micromanage a group of people.

Here's a shot of their software:

Sales Software

Although it’s not out for use yet, you can demo their service here and get a feel for their clean, user-friendly interface and all the benefits that come along with freelancing your sales staff. From setting and tracking goals to rewarding your top-earners, you’ve got your non-binding sales team at your fingertips whenever you want. And what I liked most about this start-up is that they know what us small business owners find most valuable: the Rolodex. That’s right, that old school list of qualified leads, potential clients, and overall industry knowledge that provides the real value. Each salesperson comes with years of experience and knows exactly which potential customers to introduce you to. So not only is it more efficient and effective for you, it saves clients the hassle of hearing a pitch that isn’t worth their time, because QuotaDeck salespeople know who they’re talking to.


Being in the business of outsourcing, I can tell you this company has it right. By providing its clients with exactly what they need to increase sales, without the need for overwhelming extras, they truly get your bottom line. QuotaDeck knows sales are the fuel to your company’s engine, and they don’t pretend to offer more than you need. By providing strong, freelanced salespeople at an affordable price they put your business at the forefront of your target market’s minds.

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