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9 Business “Rules” You Should Break As An Entrepreneur

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Aug 02, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

We’ve all heard the old entrepreneurial wisdom like “it’s lonely at the top” and “lead by example.” Some of these have become gospel because they’re true, plain and simple.

Yet, other entrepreneurial “wisdom” seems to be rooted more in a single person’s experience than general veracity. To move mountains, you’ve got to break a few rules, and we suggest starting with these.

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How To Foster Local Pride In Your Business

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 31, 2017 WITH 1 Comment

Some companies are intrinsically linked to the town in which they’re based. Apple and Cupertino, California. Coca Cola and Atlanta. Ford and Detroit.

Other companies, like New Belgium Brewing company in Fort Collins, Colorado and Starbucks in Seattle, started small as local mom and pop operations and quickly became community staples before climbing their way into the national spotlight.

In the digital age, it’s easy to get stuck behind your computer screen all day, forgetting that there’s an entire untapped market surrounding you right there in your backyard.

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Tricks For Nailing Tricky Conversations

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 27, 2017 WITH Be the First to Leave a Comment!

Whether it’s delivering bad news, giving critical feedback or copping to your own mistake, tough conversations stink.

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7 Unique Workouts For Entrepreneurs To Try

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 26, 2017 WITH Be the First to Leave a Comment!

Exercise is a key life ingredient for entrepreneurs, promoting a healthy body and a sharp mind. But you can only spend so many mornings on the treadmill or in the weight room before monotony sets in.

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Why Apologies Matter—Even The Ones You Don’t Give

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 24, 2017 WITH Be the First to Leave a Comment!

When you screw up and it hurts someone, how do you respond? Do you accept the blame and express remorse, or do you sweep it under the rug and hope for it to blow over?

What about when your business screws up?

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These Unexpected Benefits Of Trying Something New Will Make You More Adventurous

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 20, 2017 WITH 2Comments

I just made cheese for the first time.

Short of milking the cow myself, I prepared and formed a wheel of the delicious dairy indulgence completely from scratch, and as I write this it’s sitting in my fridge wrapped in a delicate sheet of cheesecloth, setting.

Will it be good? Who knows. Check back with me in eight hours and I’ll give you an update.

But I do know that as I rode the highs (ohh, so that’s what whey is!) and lows (oh $%&!, I’m about to burn down my kitchen) of doing something unfamiliar for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel like it was something everyone should do more often.

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5 Entrepreneurs Who Bucked The Trend

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 19, 2017 WITH Be the First to Leave a Comment!

Just like the fashion industry, the business world has its trends. Today, for example, it’s in vogue to call yourself “the Uber of coffee” or “the Uber of underwater basketweaving.” So creative!

When you eat, sleep and breathe the entrepreneur life, it's easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. But sometimes, you have to go against the grain to achieve success.

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Science-Backed Ways To Win With Conversation

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 17, 2017 WITH Be the First to Leave a Comment!

Most of us have dozens of conversations each day, from small talk in the elevator to lengthy boardroom meetings. In most cases, our focus is on the topic at hand rather than the mechanics of the conversation itself, but interesting new research suggests the latter may be just as important when it comes to building strong connections.

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6 Things To Do To End The Day On A High Note

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 13, 2017 WITH Be the First to Leave a Comment!

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about tactics for getting your morning started on the right foot, like our posts on 8 things to do before 8 a.m. and how to create an effective morning routine.

But there’s another important component of a productive day that happens well after your alarm goes off: how you close things out when the clock strikes 5 (or 8 p.m., or midnight).

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Ways To Make A Difference While Making Money

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability ON Jul 12, 2017 WITH Be the First to Leave a Comment!

Who said making money and making a difference had to be mutually exclusive? Some of the wealthiest people on the planet are also some of the most philanthropic, and there’s no good reason your business can’t give back while still tallying up gains in the profit column.

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