How This Office Supply Entrepreneur Bounced Back From The Brink Of Bankruptcy

BY Tami Brehse IN business, inspiration, entrepreneurs ON Jun 21, 2018

In the early 2000’s, Vladimir Gendelman was working in his computer repair shop when a customer came in with a very specific request. He wanted folders that were customized for his business.

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This Entrepreneur Built A Business On Preserving The Chicago Skyline

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability, inspiration, entrepreneurs ON Jun 14, 2018

If you’ve ever worked with a contractor to update your home, you know how trying the process can be. For every successful project, there are a dozen other horror stories: contractors that go MIA, projects where costs balloon infinitely, mistakes that plague the homeowner for years into the future.

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Client Spotlight: How This Entrepreneurial Power Couple Sparked A Fitness Revolution

BY Tami Brehse IN Profitability, client spotlight, entrepreneurs ON Jun 7, 2018

In the early 2000’s Matt Marks was following the path many budding entrepreneurs take: working full time (in his case, sales and marketing) while pursuing his passion project—DJing at local nightclubs and events—on the side.

It was around that time he met the woman who would one day become his wife, a popular fitness instructor named Susy C who was known all over the area for her high-energy Zumba classes and addictive choreography.

From the start, it was a match made in musical heaven.

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How A New E-Commerce Shop Improved Margins By 40%

BY Tami Brehse ON May 31, 2018

Bob Ellis had been in the entrepreneurship game for a long time—25 years, to be precise.

From insurance to real estate to hospitality businesses, Ellis has started and run them all. But as diverse as his entrepreneurial resume is, all his prior ventures have one thing in common: they were brick and mortar operations that depended on the local market to be successful, and, in turn, were limited in their growth opportunities.

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Client Spotlight: This Entrepreneur Built A Business Turning Music Education On Its Head

BY Tami Brehse IN client spotlight, entrepreneurs ON May 24, 2018

In the early 2000’s, Aaron Sizemore was living the life many young musicians dream of. He was making a living doing what he loved: performing. He dabbled in blues, R&B, funk, and rock, but his true passion was jazz—his instrument of choice, the jazz guitar.

On the side Sizemore taught private music lessons, as many musicians do. Although he loved mentoring the next generation of musical minds, he felt strongly that something was missing.

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Building A Business When You're Faced With Red Tape

BY Tami Brehse IN business, entrepreneurs ON May 17, 2018

Q Link Wireless

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Client Spotlight: Enabling Better Decision Making With Hōm Korean Kitchen

BY Tami Brehse IN client spotlight, entrepreneurs ON May 10, 2018

One of Konan Pi’s favorite things to do is host game night for his friends. While they play board games, he can be found over the stove, whipping up delicious, made-from-scratch Korean food the same way his family’s been doing for generations.

“Right there in my house during game night, that’s where the concept for my restaurant was born,” Pi says.

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The Million-Dollar Idea Inspired By A Universal Parenting Problem

BY Tami Brehse IN inspiration, entrepreneurs ON May 3, 2018

Million-dollar ideas can happen anywhere. Lisa Pinnell’s happened among the produce and gallons of milk in the aisles of her local grocery store.

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This Entrepreneur Built A Business By Building A Community

BY Tami Brehse IN business, inspiration, entrepreneurs ON Apr 26, 2018

In 2014, Georgene Huang was the picture of what most women would describe as “having it all.” She was the head of enterprise business for one of the world’s largest financial information companies. Her resume was peppered with leadership roles at such prestigious companies as Lehman Brothers and Bloomberg, as well as degrees from Cornell and Stanford Universities.

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This Entrepreneur Came Back From The Brink Of Death And Succeeded

BY Tami Brehse IN inspiration, entrepreneurs ON Apr 19, 2018

What would you do if you knew this day might be your last? It’s a possibility for all of us, but nothing brings it into focus quite like facing a terminal illness.

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