How to Save on Your 2018 Business Taxes

BY Eddy Hood IN small business tax preparation ON Jan 29, 2019

So you're filing your 2018 business taxes, and your CPA tells you that you owe millions to the government. Never a fun conversation to have, right?! Well, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you save on those taxes, and in today's blog post, we're looking at one of them.

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Why You Need a Business Coach

BY Eddy Hood ON Jan 16, 2019

You need a business coach. There's no way around it.

I believe that every successful person has a mentor in his or her corner. I also believe that every great coach has a different coach helping them along.

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7 Changes In Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

BY Eddy Hood IN Outsourced Accounting Services ON Jan 8, 2019

I started Ignite Spot ten years ago.  I can't believe how many things have changed in this industry since then.  I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 7 of the biggest shifts I've seen in outsourced bookkeeping services since then.

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Small Business Tax Preparation Just Got WAY Easier

BY Eddy Hood ON Dec 13, 2018

We don't usually write blog posts about our own services.  In fact, most of our posts are usually geared towards helping you build a bigger and more profitable business.

Today, we're breaking that rule, and for good reason. We've always provided small business tax preparation to our clients, but things are getting even better at Ignite Spot!

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Fractional CFO Costs and Benefits

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Dec 3, 2018

Want to know what a good fractional CFO costs and what the benefits might be? Let's dig in and take a look.  

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QuickBooks Connect Updates

BY Eddy Hood ON Nov 12, 2018

It’s a special time of year for accountants like us. We’re currently at QuickBooks Connect, an annual conference that brings the best ideas and tools together for better accounting services.

You’ll probably never come to this conference. You’re the entrepreneur. You’re the one that pays other people to do the accounting for your company. So why does this matter?

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How to Hire The Best Tax Accountant for 2018

BY Eddy Hood ON Oct 24, 2018

When I got my degree in accounting 10,000 years ago, I was naive to the industry. I thought that all accountants were the same.

Not true.

When you're trying to find the best tax accountant for your business, you don't want to hire a dud.
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CFO Tips: How to Open a Second Location

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Oct 10, 2018

When I was first getting started in accounting, I worked for a homebuilder. Our entire staff was located under one roof and the company decided to open a second location about 40 miles away.

It didn't go well.

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7 Steps to Achieve Profitable Goals

BY Eddy Hood ON Sep 25, 2018

You've tasked your entire leadership team with one goal this quarter: to create the most amazing HR manual ever! You're not sure why you're doing it, but large companies have one so you should to, right?!

After several meetings, 12 different drafts, and a few late nights Googling the legal prose, you step back and look at your creation, a binder full of responses to every HR situation imaginable.

You did it.

Your team accomplished something, but did your hard work make you more profitable?

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Virtual CFO Services 101: Costs, Benefits & Drawbacks

BY Eddy Hood IN cfo services ON Sep 6, 2018

To everything there is a season. There's a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to hire a CFO and a time to avoid one like the plague. Your business does need a CFO, but at the right time and with the right parameters. In this article, I'm going to cover what you need to know about virtual CFO services before you make the move.

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