6 Best Blogs About Small Business Tax Preparation

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We have a handful of tax blogs we love to visit because we trust their facts and information. Take a look around to see if any of these blogs answer some of your 2014 small business tax preparation questions:

01. Tax Foundation

The Tax Foundation has an easy-to-read format, and makes accessing tax info really quite simple. They are a non-partisan research think tank, and have been researching taxes since 1937. 

They provide updates and in depth info that you'll need to know about. Check out their post, Despite Last Minute Lesgislation, Tax Filing Season Will Start on Time.

02. Wall Street Journal Tax Blog

Here's a quick link to get you to the WSJ's tax articles. We love it because it keeps us informed of current policy changes and economic news that helps us plan for taxes and financing.

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03. Forbes - Kelly Phillips Erb

Erb's articles make taxes more approachable and digestible. Her tips are invaluable, and have saved so many business owners time and headaches. 

Erb gives you the most up-to-date info, and is consistently writing useful articles like this one: IRS Beefs Up Website, Will Launch Tax Preparer Database For Tax Season.

04. Tax Analysts

This blog isn't the prettiest, but it's packed with so much good info. Each article is written by a different tax expert which provides you with different perspectives and a broad knowledge base.

05. Tax Policy Center

The Tax Policy Center is another non-profit research think tank that consistently publishes phenomenal articles that are great resources for any small business owner.

06. Barbara Weltman

We absolutely love Barbara's blog posts for their succinct and organized nature. She gets to the point and doesn't mess around. She's on top of tax and finance schedules, and makes sure her readers know what's coming up on their calendars.

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