13 Stunning Photos That Prove You Can Run A Business From Anywhere

13 Stunning Photos That Prove You Can Run A Business From Anywhere

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A crazy thing has happened to entrepreneurship over the last decade. It used to be that running a business meant you were tied down, married to one (or a few) locations with leisure travel being an out-of-reach luxury.

Not anymore.

Thanks to nearly ubiquitous WiFi and the ever-growing suite of apps that facilitate remote work, it’s possible to be an entrepreneur without a home base—or just one who can get away for the weekend without feeling panicky.

We scoured Instagram to find some examples and were surprised at both the volume and diversity of what we found. Here are 15 of our favorite snapshots that prove travel, adventure and entrepreneurship aren’t mutually exclusive.

  1. Grand Blanc, Michigan

Our favorite part of this idyllic workspace shared by @kimberlyjoyphotos? The pen holder chock full of highlighters she brought along. Hey—you’ve gotta have your essentials even when you’re on the go.

  1. Mount Tamalpais, California

What a view! Instagram user @moderndaymavericks gets plenty of fresh air from this spot high up in Marin County, which of course works wonders for creative thinking.

  1. Santa Catalina, Panama

Holy ocean, Batman! If palm trees and crystal blue pools are your cup of tea (*raises hand*), this is pretty much paradise.


#mobileoffice #panama

A post shared by Brandon Johnson (@brandonangjohnson) on

  1. Garden workplace

You don’t have to go far from home to break free of the typical office. Sometimes a little change of scenery to a garden, courtyard or nearby park will do the trick!


Working in the garden is one of our favourite spots! Like 📸: @kurz_bastian #flexirevolution

A post shared by Flexiworkforce (@flexiworkforce) on

  1. Bali, Indonesia

From the lush jungles to the ancient temples to the rich culture, Bali has long captivated us as a dream travel destination. Instagram user @thaispupio_arch went ahead and made it her office.

  1. Camping Office

Instagram user @yekrats007 took the term “mobile office” literally; his driver’s seat doubles as a workstation. That’s one way to meld the great outdoors with your great business idea.


Mobile office. #office #mobileoffice #camping #campinglife

A post shared by Sharkey (@yekrats007) on

  1. Redwood National Forest, California

A picnic table is just as suitable for firing off emails as it is for enjoying a brown bag lunch. Bonus points for the cheerful blooms, which make it hard to be anything other than optimistic about your work.

  1. Andalusia, Spain

It’s cielos azules as far as the eye can see in this utopic workspot tucked into the Spanish hillside. If you choose to work abroad, you might even pick up a new language to broaden your customer base. Win-win.

  1. Saint John, Canada

If you’re a digital nomad it’s easy to fall into the routine of working from one coffee shop to the next. But don’t forget about free public libraries, which, from this picture, prove to be just as scenic as they are convenient.


View from my office today. #nb #workanywhere #digitalcitizens #lovelifeuptown

A post shared by Jeff Roach (@jeffroachca) on

  1. The Philippines

The best thing about working from the islands? Your work uniform and your swimsuit are one in the same. Post-work surf session, anyone?

  1. New York, New York

When you work from Central Park you get to experience the best of both worlds: city skyline and greenspace (oh yeah, and awesome pizza a stone’s throw away).

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

When you work in a traditional office, trips to the water cooler are a distraction. When you work remotely, it’s dips in the water that tease you away from work!


No complaints with this work view. 💻

A post shared by Cary Reyes (@_caree_) on

  1. Como, Italy

The only thing we’re more jealous of than this Italian view is the authentic Italian coffee that’s in that cup! Pure bliss.


Monday morning coffee and back to work for the week.

A post shared by 🌏Pangea196 (@pangea196) on

Do you work remotely? Where’s your favorite spot to get things done?

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